Welcome To AutoValuer

Welcome to Autovaluer Group.

Since 2007 we have been serving the nation regarding all types of automobile valuation in all over Gujarat. Are you looking for a company? Who can assist you towards the right path regarding valuation and survey work then you are at the right place.


We hold the Government licensed as a certified loss adjuster and surveyor.


Along with this we are designated as an “Approved Valuer” in the automobile and highway engineering. We adjust and do all types of valuation job like two wheelers, four wheelers, commercial vehicle, off road crane, trucks etc.…


We work in two different parts Valuation and Survey…


Valuation work: -Various companies send in their request to us and we visit the place and extract the value by the present condition. We also acquire market resale value and residual life of vehicle age of vehicle etc… and by this we give valuation amount and we uncover the true value of the vehicles. We are truly dedicated to our users providing all the information which they want and the most possible value from a vehicle.


Survey work: - Any loss which occurs in the motor industry or transit loss we received information from insurance companies and according to that we visit to the loss place whether it’s regarding vehicles or factories. After reaching a designated place what our team does they try to find out the extent loss and line impact and the amount of claim amount can be covered in a particular policy. So in this following manner we conclude the liability of insurance companies.


Dedicated Team: -We have the team of the perfect member who knows all the depth and tactic work of valuation and survey. What our teams do? They investigate the damage place or the vehicles and give you the exact value of the loss after deducting the depreciation of goods, vehicle or any damn thing and this work is called the valuation of goods which is being done after the insurance work.

From last 6 years we are working in this field and have completed a number of projects and provided the exact valuation of the loss of theirs along with this we surveyed for insurance company as well with the help of our team.


We have qualified and experienced staffs who know well how to deal with the queries and also know how to overcome with solutions.

Please view at our Gallery once you will get more idea.

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